High School Diploma or Doctorate Degree: Find the Medical Career That Fits Your Education

Whether you are looking forward to attaining your doctorate degree or just want to avoid spending more time in a college classroom, there are positions in the medical field that is right for you. These four career choices will show you the opportunities you have with any level of education.


While a phlebotomist is only in charge of drawing blood and handling paperwork, many would say that the majority of their job involves talking with patients and alleviating any fears they may have. This service is a vital part of medical community, whether in a hospital, a doctor’s office, or a blood bank.

You are eligible for a career in phlebotomy with only a high school diploma, making this an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend much time in a university. However, this job may be easier to find if you have completed a brief certification course or obtained an associate’s degree.

Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency medical technicians are the first medical personnel to arrive after a 911 call. One technician drives the ambulance while the second technician cares for the patient until they reach the hospital.

There are varying professional levels for an emergency medical technician. You can achieve basic certification in a one-semester course that includes internship time, or you can become a paramedic with an associate degree.

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Registered Nurse

Registered nurses help treat patients through running diagnostic tests, administering medicine, and operating medical machinery. They also provide emotional support to patients and their families, as well as educate them about medical conditions.

You can become a registered nurse through a two- or three-year certification program, an associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree that includes internship time at a medical institution. Once you earn your degree, you have to take a national licensing exam.

Pediatric Therapist

Some of the more advanced but very rewarding jobs in the medical field are pediatric therapy careers. These professionals specialize in physical or occupational therapy, but the main difference in their work is their young patients. Working with children requires a caring and warm nature that will make children feel comfortable. Good communication skills are also vital as they explain to their patients and their patients’ parents the goals of the therapy, and how they can work together to attain those goals.

Pediatric therapy careers require the most education. Not only must you have a bachelor’s degree, but you must also join or Master’s or doctorate program in physical or occupational therapy with a focus on pediatrics.

If you want to make a clear difference in your community, you can find the work you’ll love in the medical field. Whether you are a physical therapist, or phlebotomist, or a pediatric therapist, there’s no doubt that you can serve your community in a vital way.

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