How You Can Get Free Phlebotomy Training

If you are hoping your free training will result in a job, start by thinking about the area where you live. Hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes and other similar facilities often provide free phlebotomy training courses. The reason it is necessary for you to know you want to work at the particular facility is this is generally a condition attached to the training. A facility may be willing to invest in your training, but only if you are willing to work for them afterward. In exchange for training, you may be required to commit to a specific length of time to work at the facility. This arrangement is mutually beneficial. The facility will have a properly trained employee, and you will have a secure job.

If you do not wish to make a commitment in advance to a specific workplace, another option is to consider your current employment status. If you are unemployed, you can check with the State Employment Department in your city. As the Employment Department’s main purpose is to assist unemployed people in getting back into the workforce, they are often willing to help the unemployed with training needed to get jobs.

There is a similar option open to single parents. Moms or dads who are raising children alone should visit the nearest Department of Social Services. These agencies want to help single parents gain the skills they need to support their families. Becoming a certified phlebotomist is an excellent way for you to support your children and yourself. Your local Department of Social Services is likely to be very helpful. They can direct you to a vocational school, technical school, or community college where you can have your phlebotomy training with no cost to you.

Many regions have either an American Red Cross, agencies dealing with blood donors, or both. Some are willing to offer on the job training for people who are interested in phlebotomy. You may want to approach one of these agencies to ask what they have to offer. An actual training course will prepare you for the certification exam. However, before you decide on this option be sure to ask if free training means making a commitment to work for the agency afterward. You will need to decide if this kind of obligation is reasonable for your career goals. If so, free training and a built-in job can go hand in hand.

There are additional methods of acquiring free phlebotomist training, depending upon your personal situation. One example is Job Corps. Job Corps is an excellent program in the United States, offering a variety of vocational training programs to low-income men and women. If you are a young man or woman between sixteen and twenty-five years of age, getting your training through Job Corps may be the ideal option for you. If you are eligible for Job Corps, there is an additional benefit you would not have with other free phlebotomy training options. Other training options require a person to have a high school diploma. However, Job Corps can help you earn your diploma or a GED, so you will be completely prepared for your training. While not every Job Corps center offers the same training programs, check with one near your home if you meet the age and income requirements.

The person who already has a health care job is a second example. Whether you are a nurse in a hospital, an aide in a longterm care facility, or performing nearly any other duties in a health care workplace, being a reliable employee can mean having an employer who wants to see you succeed. Your employer may be willing to cover the costs of your training so you will have more skills in the workplace.

As you read at the beginning of this article, “free” is not always the best course of action. All of the training options described above are legitimate methods for getting the training you need for the job you want. There are others, however, that are not in your best interest. One mistake is to fall for any advertisement offering free training, without investigating it thoroughly. These ads are usually related to online schools. Consider it very unlikely an online school would offer free training programs, with no benefit to them whatsoever. This is also the case for schools offering prospective students the chance to take the entirety of a training program, resulting in certification, all by way of your home computer. The fact is both clinical experience and the certification exam must be done in person. Schools that tell you otherwise are trying to mislead prospective students. Due to distance learning schools not gaining anything from offering free training, it is in your best interests to avoid any schools offering you everything, for nothing in return.

If becoming a phlebotomist is your goal, there is free training for you. Avoid scams, and focus on the method appropriate to your situation.

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