The Phlebotomist Salary: How to Earn Better than Average

Currently, the average phlebotomist salary is a little more than twenty dollars per hour. However, hourly salaries for phlebotomists can be lower than thirteen dollars, or more than forty dollars. When you are planning to apply for your first phlebotomy job, you will want to know where you stand within this wide salary range, and also what you can do to get the highest possible salary.

Geographical location is one of the most relevant factors in how much phlebotomists are paid. In general, the northeastern region of the United States and the state of California offer the highest salaries to phlebotomists. The San Francisco Bay area of California, and the state of Connecticut, offer impressive salaries for phlebotomists. However, there are exceptions. Tennessee, Colorado, and Alaska also pay phlebotomy technicians very well. A second factor in geographical location is the size of the area where you live. The general rule of thumb is the larger and more populated your region, the higher salary you can earn as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomists who work in large cities stand to make much more than those who work in rural areas.

The next factor relevant to phlebotomy salaries is the particular setting where you work. At the top of the list are large hospitals. Large-sized hospitals in heavily populated cities offer the best salaries for phlebotomy work. The reason for this is phlebotomists are needed on a consistent basis. As qualified employees are very much in demand, you will be paid well for your services. If there is a diagnostic laboratory in your area, they too offer high salaries for phlebotomists. While you may think working for a private physician can increase your wages, this is often not the case at all. The same is true for health clinics, whether private or public. Blood banks and educational facilities usually offer the lowest salaries in this field.

If you do not live in one of the high-paying regions, and a large hospital is not within commuting distance from your home, there are some positive steps you can take to earn more money. Begin by reviewing these possibilities, and see how they can help you boost your earning power.

The first step toward getting a good job with a good salary is to become certified. Even if you have seen job offers for phlebotomists where certification is not required, certification is always in your best interest. If you bear in mind how working in the field of phlebotomy means precision and attention to details, you can understand why proper training and certification must be considered prerequisites for the job. Employers who are willing to take their chances by hiring people who are not fully qualified are probably not representing places where you will want to work. When they have low standards, the salaries they offer reflect these low standards. For the best salary you can earn, and a work environment you will be proud to work in, get the training you need and earn your certification.

The second step to boosting your earning power as a phlebotomist is to gain experience. Whether you choose to work as an intern, or are willing to work for a period of time at a lower-paying position, the experience you gain will help you to be eligible for a higher-paying job. While some employers will not hire phlebotomists at all without one or two years of prior experience, the highest-paying jobs depend on experience. Perfecting your skills with hands-on experience is the way to get the most impressive salary.

A third step in making your services valuable for more income is to not leave your training behind after you have become certified. When an employer knows you are motivated enough to take refresher courses periodically, this added effort on your part can result in more responsibilities and more money. Continuing your education is the key. This does not mean repeating the training you have already completed. Continuing education provides the opportunity to learn new techniques, as well as keeping your First Aid, Basic Life Support, and CPR skills up to date. When you go beyond whatever is required of you, your initiative will be rewarded.

Some new phlebotomists have no idea what to expect in terms of salary when they begin looking for jobs. Others have an “average” in mind, yet are unsure of the factors that influence the salaries they will be offered. This article has given you the information you need on these topics. In addition, you now know what you can do to increase your earning power. Whether you are applying for your very first phlebotomy job or have worked as a phlebotomist for awhile and want to make more money, these tips can point you in the right direction. When you take these steps you will have a job you love, and money in the bank.

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