The Best Recommended Books for Phlebotomists

Phlebotomy Exam Review. When you are planning to take your certification exam, this is one resource you will not want to be without. Consisting of a 246-page paperback book and an accompanying disc, it is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. It is the definitive guide for phlebotomy test preparation. It introduces you to the skills needed for successful test-taking and more productive studying. Eight hundred questions, illustrations and charts covering the terminology you will need to know, as well as information about where you can take your exam, are all included in this resource. If you purchase only one book to help you prepare, this is the one you want.

Phlebotomy Simplified. Published by Prentice Hall, this skills-oriented book is the ideal resource for the phlebotomist preparing for his or her first job in the field. Describing all of the skills, procedures, and techniques you have learned in your phlebotomist training program, all of the information you need is collected in this one easy-to-read textbook. A CD accompanies the book. It is a resource you will refer to often during your first years as a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Collection Essentials. Being able to do your job well means keeping up to date with current information. The seventh edition of this handbook, which includes a new CD, goes beyond the basics. Including information about new equipment and safety regulations, it is a must-have for longtime phlebotomists as well as those who are beginning their first jobs. Published by Prentice Hall, this material was compiled by specialists at the University of Texas.

Success! in Phlebotomy. Also published by Prentice Hall, the seventh edition is a 240-page paperback. It is equally appropriate for individuals preparing for their first certification exam and those who want to keep their skills and knowledge fresh by continuing their educations. From examination questions to up-to-date equipment, this new edition ensures everything you need to know about phlebotomy is current. Published in March, 2010, it has more details and more current information than the sixth edition.

Phlebotomy: A Client-Based Approach. Published by Delmar, this 176-page handbook is perfect for the beginner. Focusing on your role as a professional in the health care system, it guides you through dealing with your patients as individuals. The sections cover your training, the techniques you will use, and communicating well with your patients. The on-the-job skills you learn from this book will benefit both your patients and yourself in your new job.

Phlebotomy Exam Flashcard Study System. Published by Mometrix Media LLC, this system is designed to fully prepare you for your exam, and to refer to afterward. The cardiac cycle, safety, disease transmission, and prescription medications that affect blood flow, are only a few of the dozens of topics you will find in this system. It provides everything you need to know for your phlebotomy examination.

Question and Answer Review for Phlebotomy. Another test-preparation guide, the 254-page book and CD will help you to be thoroughly familiar with everything you will find on your exam. All relevant procedures are covered, as well as safety precautions and current equipment. This book also helps you assess your skills, identify any problem areas, and how to effectively deal with them, so you are completely prepared. You will see a wealth of essential information is packed inside this book.

The Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy. Published by Delmar Cengage Learning, the third edition is a 432-page textbook. Each of the procedures you will perform as a phlebotomist are shown in color photographs with accompanying explanations. This approach takes the procedures you learned in the classroom and brings it all to life in a format you can use whenever you wish. It is a great way to continue practicing your skills after you have finished your formal training.

Phlebotomy: Worktext and Procedures Manual. Published by Saunders, this 368-page book is for the person who wants a no-frills approach to the basics of phlebotomy. While it covers everything you will need to know about phlebotomy, test preparation, review material, and updated information, it is all presented in an easy-to-follow format. Whether you want to learn about a career as a phlebotomist, get ready for your certification exam, or simply bring your classroom learning into your own home so you can study at your convenience, this basic manual is your answer.

Choosing the right books for test preparation and continuing your education after you get a job does not have to be difficult or extremely expensive. If you start with the materials described in this article, your home library will contain everything you need for success. The person who is willing to invest in a few good books is the person who will find test-taking and on-the-job experiences to be easier and more positive.

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