The Value of Relocation: Phlebotomy

Questions plague the body—and their answers are found in the blood. Pursuing the field of Phlebotomy allows healthcare providers to unravel every patient concern. Choosing the right hospital to perform this procedure in demands more than simple proximity, however. Instead the advantage of locum tenen must first be considered.

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Locum tenen jobs, simply defined, are temporary positions used to fill-in for permanent professionals who are currently unavailable for the job. Phlebotomist technicians seek out new environments, giving their efforts to hospitals or clinics for undetermined periods (which may or may not result in offers of full-time employment) and gaining vital experiences. These career chances often prove ideal for new technicians and provide many rewards.

Earn Experience

Medicine is a field of endless possibilities. Therefore, trying to conquer it is no easy task. Phlebotomists who choose to move from location to location, however, create greater chances of success for themselves. This allows individuals to hone their craft even more, before they finally settle and seek permanent employment. This also translate into impressive resumes and confidence — a huge lead over other jobseekers vying for a similar position.

Seek New Locations

A lifestyle in constant transition is often deemed unappealing. The value of relocating, however, shouldn’t be dismissed: with technicians able to sample different cities, states and beyond. Evaluate specific areas, learning which appeals to you the most. Eliminate the risk of a hasty decision (such as choosing a position without first understanding what a clinic can truly offer). A few simple moves can prove valuable.

Discover Elevated Pay

The locum tenen philosophy gives you a chance to enjoy brief but satisfying careers within a variety of locations. These jobs offer higher pay scales: an estimated increase of 31 percent per hourly wage for technicians. This serves as compensation for the lack of benefits (such as health insurance) that define part-time positions. These pay raises are meant to entice individuals to hospitals across the country, ensuring that worthwhile candidates apply.

Offer Support

The importance of a Phlebotomist can’t be denied: blood samples play a great role in many aspects of the medical field, so as long as there’s a need to draw blood, a phlebotomist will always have a job. These trained professionals are vital to the success of doctors, nurses and beyond: especially when a lack of funding or prestige belittles the process. Lesser clinics are in desperate need of technicians, and locum tenen jobs often provide access to well deserving (but overlooked) locations.

A career within the field of Phlebotomy offers countless advantages, and choosing to shift from hospital to hospital ensures that all of those advantages are fully utilized. Are you ready to move?

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